What is Visioneering™?

Each year, corporate leaders, philanthropists, heads of innovation and XPRIZE Trustees gather for a multi-day Visioneering workshop to brainstorm, debate, and prioritize which of the world's Grand Challenges might be solved through incentivized prize competition.

Watch this video to learn how leading thinkers from around the world come together at Visioneering to tackle humanity’s Grand Challenges and design potential XPRIZE competitions to solve them.

XPRIZE Visioneering Attendees Compete to Create the Next XPRIZE

This year’s Visioneering took place May 7-8 in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, where attendees compete with one another to design and pitch innovative, incentivized prize concepts across a variety of Grand Challenge areas in the hopes that theirs would become the next XPRIZE launched. (The $10M Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE was one such past winner that emerged from a Visioneering workshop.)


This year, the top prize concepts were presented at the Visioneering Finals Dinner. An enthusiastic crowd of attendees cast their votes for the winners. Click here to view the 2015 video gallery.

The Finalists:

  • Home: “Human Dignity” – Build a pack-and-go housing solution that provides efficient water, electricity, and sanitation. The solution must be scalable, deployable in one day, have a life of at least six months, and be adaptable to multi-terrain and climate conditions
  • Food: “Global Water Crisis” – Create a mass-market, scalable technology that will reduce water usage in farming by 70% per acre, while maintaining competitive pricing for produce. The technology will reduce farmers’ dependence on water for food production, and reduce consumer costs
  • Work: “Robin Hood Bond” – Create a financial instrument for low-income populations that has a better risk-adjusted return than a junk bond
  • Mind: “Big Wisdom” – Create an artificial intelligence capable of aggregating collective wisdom. The solution will give everyone on earth as much access to our collective wisdom as we currently have to factual information
  • Health: “Healthy America” – Design a personal health score, aggregate data across diverse populations, demonstrate a sustainable improvement in health of 25 percent over six months, and scale to a larger population for one year
  • Wild Card: “Waste to Wealth” – Create a technology that is able to sort and process 95 percent of landfill waste in an immediately profitable way

And top honors went to...

Home: “Human Dignity”

The winning concept will get an ideation workshop at XPRIZE to determine if the prize is feasible and will have the intended impact.

Congratulations to all!

This Year's Topics

The Future of Food

Mark Thomann
CEO, Farmedhere

Agricultural production needs to increase by an estimated 70% globally (and by 100% in developing countries by 2050) to keep pace with population growth and shifting diets. Organic farming requires 2.5 times more labor than conventional farming, but it yields 10 times the profit. Is there a role for GMOs? How do we feed hungry people, be conscious of dwindling resources and environmental impact, and reverse the trend of obesity and its related diseases worldwide? What prizes can lead us to a smarter food system? How can prizes disrupt this controversial field?

The Future of Home

Graham Hill
Founder, LifeEdited, TreeHugger

In 1900, 14% of humanity lived in a city. Last year we hit 50%. By the end of this century, 3 in 4 people will live in cities. Humanity is urbanizing. Family sizes are shrinking. Life expectancy is doubling and tripling in developing countries, and everywhere we’re living longer. The cost of technology that makes our lives healthier, happier, and more convenient is quickly dropping. What does this mean for our homes? How can XPRIZE be part of urban growth and renewal in ways that protect the environment, encourage innovation, and facilitate human happiness?

The Future of Work

Federico Pistono
CEO, Konoz

Almost 50% of jobs in the United States are at risk of being lost to automation in the next decade or two. What are the risks and opportunities created by technological unemployment? How will we prepare a workforce when jobs are scarcer, require more skill, and people work and live for decades longer than they used to? What are the opportunities to make work more rewarding and enjoyable? How can XPRIZE competitions ease this transition in society?

The Future of the Mind

Jürgen Schmidhuber
Professor/Researcher, AI
The Swiss AI Lab IDSIA
University of Lugano & SUPSI, Switzerland

How is technology changing what it feels like to be human? How do we prepare for a world in which people prefer simulated reality to the “real” world, and in which humans increasingly “upgrade” our biology with AI and cybernetics? This session will explore what prizes XPRIZE could sponsor to accelerate the benefits of transhumanism, cybernetics, and artificial intelligence, and augment our brains in ways that make life on Earth better.

The Future of Health

Dr. Daniel Kraft
Founder, Exponential Medicine

Personalization and artificial intelligence will be as transformative to human health in the 21st century as advances in antibiotics, vaccines, and surgery were in the 20th century. What will it mean for human health when we can sequence genomes for pennies? How will we benefit from gene therapy, nano-medicine, and AI doctors while debating the ethics of cloning, DNA alterations, and other applications of genetic engineering? What prizes should XPRIZE launch to tackle the biggest health care problems, like antibiotic resistance and pandemic disease?

Wild Card

Peter Diamandis
Founder of XPRIZE

In this session, led by Dr. Peter Diamandis, we invite our returning attendees to bring their passions to the table, and to design prizes that do not fall into one of our five topics. Last year, some of our most exciting prize concepts came from this session.

New to Visioneering this year – Teen VISIONEERING!

We are excited to announce “Teen Visioneering”, a new program for children 13-18 running alongside Visioneering. This abbreviated Visioneering experience will allow extraordinary teens to tackle the world’s Grand Challenges, and the winning prize concept will be pitched along with the finalists from the larger Visioneering. This experience will be hosted by Ali Velshi, XPRIZE Trustee, and anchor of Al-Jazeera America.

Ali Velshi is a Canadian television journalist and host of Real Money with Ali Velshi on Al Jazeera America.

At XPRIZE, Jordan Brown leads Visioneering, the process used to translate visionary ideas for combating the world’s Grand Challenges into incentivized competitions.

Visioneering is where ideas compete. Throughout the experience, attendees pitch their ideas to each other and vote to advance the strongest concepts. Visioneering culminates with the award of the Grand Prize to the winning prize concept. The XPRIZE team then works with the attendees who created the concept to develop it into an XPRIZE competition that has the potential to be launched and awarded.

Stay tuned for photos, videos, and a recap of this unique event!

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