XPRIZE, an innovation engine and a facilitator of exponential change, and ANA, Japan’s 5-Star International Airline, are collaborating with the world’s leading science-fiction storytellers to inspire and advance humanity towards a bold vision for tomorrow.

The Destination

Visionary science-fiction storytellers will collaborate with the crowd on a multi-media anthology, set 20 years in the future. The audience will be transported to a future fueled by the exponential growth of technologies and the expanding global community of problem solvers.

Guiding the Journey

A hand-selected board of the world’s leading science-fiction minds will team with technologists, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists to incorporate science fiction ideas and concepts into real-world innovation to solve some of humanity’s grand challenges. The board will also serve as key advisors to active and future XPRIZE competitions, ensuring that our sights are always set just beyond the horizon.

The Inspiration

Prominent thought leaders discuss the intersection of inspiration and innovation, science-fiction and real world innovation and the role of each in shaping our future in this 8-10 part digital video series.

The Avatar XPRIZE

The ANA Avatar XPRIZE, launching in 2017, will be a global competition to create avatars that would enable people’s consciousness to be transported instantaneously across the globe and beyond.

Begin Your Journey

ANA is Japan’s five-star international airline with 83 international routes and 116 domestic routes. Founded in 1952, ANA bridges the divide between places, people and their cultures. The airline prides itself on providing passengers with a unique and flawless journey through the airline’s relentless drive towards excellence, innovation and creativity.