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Pushing Forward to Solutions For China's Energy Sector

Christopher Frangione is Senior Director of Energy & Environment at the X PRIZE Foundation.

China has about one-sixth of the world's people. It has one of the world's fastest-growing economies and now its second-largest one. With that economic success comes growing expectations among its 1.3 billion citizens. Ensuring that vast economy has the energy resources to power this success is critical.

Launching the Next Era in Space Travel and Exploration

As the space shuttle rides off into history, private initiatives, incentivized competitions and new technologies are transforming the race into space.

Insights From Student Innovators

When I joined X PRIZE a few months ago, I was given the task of coordinating the judging process for the 2012 MetaPrize award. This $2,000 award is given to students participating in a semester-long Prize Design course through our X PRIZE Labs, which are designed to engage the next generation of leading thinkers in recognizing areas that are ripe for breakthrough innovation.

How To Live Forever*

As a photojournalist and a documentary filmmaker, I have always been drawn to stories of the human connections that define us, an interest reflected in my work. The retreat of my hairline and the arrival of my AARP card led me to examine the most fundamental human connection of all – life itself. Somewhere between the hyperbaric chamber and the cryonic pod, I began to fully appreciate the complexity of the issue.

Meeting the Challenge

I remember the audible gasp from most everyone at the awards ceremony last year. Robert Weiss, President of the X PRIZE Foundation, had just announced that Team Elastec/American Marine had won the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE. Our skimmer system had delivered an astonishing oil recovery rate of 4,670 gallons per minute at a nearly 90% efficiency ratio of oil to water. In just six months the X PRIZE Foundation had become the catalyst to advance the efficiencies of oil spill recovery more than in the previous twenty years.

Building Innovation Globally with MoonBots

By way of quick introduction, I would not consider myself a space journalist, but I do consider myself a space enthusiast. I have the great pleasure to work at a place that I like to call Disneyland for Space Nerds: the X PRIZE Foundation. It's where I manage education programs for the Google Lunar X PRIZE. I would like to highlight one particular educational competition project that I manage called MoonBots.

Curiosity's Successful, Glorious Triumph on Mars

It's rare that humanity lands on another planet.  Sunday as a guest of the JPL director, Charles Elachi, along with a long list of space luminaries such as Jeff Bezos, Dennis Tito, Steve Jurvetson, George Whitesides, Buzz Aldrin, and hundreds more, I made my pilgrimage to Pasadena to be present for what the media called "seven-minutes of terror" - the final descent of JPL's Curiosity lander through the thin Martian atmosphere - slowing from 13,000 miles per hour to a 1 mph while executing a long list of complicated maneuvers.

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