Making Milestones to the Moon

11/11/2013 by Alex Hall
The last decade has seen XPRIZE build upon the success of its first competition, the Ansari XPRIZE, which awarded $10 million for the first private suborbital spaceflight.
from The Launch Pad
Taikonauts and Gymnastronauts
Andrew Barton
Taikonauts and GymnastronautsFrom September 23-27th 2013, I attended IAC 2013 in Beijing to report on progress about the Google Lunar XPRIZE and see what information I could glean on the upcoming Chinese lunar mission.The Opening Ceremony, like the congress as a whole, was a great chance to see what China’s particular combination of cultural heritage and social model can offer the world in terms of space exploration, space science and space utilization.
Moon Roundup: The Big Picture
Nick Azer
A team explains why they joined the competition if it costs more than $30 million to go to the Moon, and the Google Lunar XPRIZE hits the big screen.
A New Age of Ocean Exploration May Just Save Us
Dr. Peter H. Diamandis
Dr. Peter H. Diamandis is the Chairman & CEO of XPRIZE
Moon Roundup: Inspirations & Automations
Nick Azer
Five very different stories of teamwork from across the Google Lunar XPRIZE.
Moon Roundup: Back To the Moon, Together?
Nick Azer
Several of the Google Lunar XPRIZE teams have already joined forces to ride to the Moon together, and more may be coming.
Moon Roundup: Everyday People
Nick Azer
Meet the everyday people who decided to shoot for the Moon, and the challenges they face.
Enabling Sensing Devices in Your Hand, Not in the Lab
Henry Tirri - Nokia Executive Vice President and CTO
Access to health care is a fundamental right of people everywhere, and fulfilling this basic need is critical to creating stronger communities and helping everyone enjoy the same quality of life and reach their full potential. Mobile computing is opening the doors to vital information and services that have been tragically out of reach for many people, but our work is just beginning.
World Space Week Hangouts from the Austrian Space Forum
Nick Azer
Moon expedition teams Part Time Scientists and Team Puli conducted some live hangouts for World Space Week, demonstrating to students from India, Morocco, Hungary, & more a bunch of cool technology & expertise! With a big thanks to the Austrian Space Forum.
World Space Week 2013 - Puli and Part-Time Scientists are 'Go'!
Anita Heward
While Google Lunar XPRIZE teams are usually focused on the Moon, this week some of them are seeing Red to tie in with World Space Week (WSW) 2013’s theme - Exploring Mars, Discovering Earth.  The Part Time Scientists and Team Puli are participating in a global programme of Mars analogue activities for WSW 2013. Over the next week, schools, museums and members of the public will have the opportunity to drive the Puli rover and the PTS rover, Asimov, by controlling them over the Internet.
Introducing: The Official Google Lunar XPRIZE Judging Panel
Nick Azer
The official Google Lunar XPRIZE Judging Panel has been selected! Meet the minds who will measure this historic race to the Moon...


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