Making Milestones to the Moon

11/11/2013 by Alex Hall
The last decade has seen XPRIZE build upon the success of its first competition, the Ansari XPRIZE, which awarded $10 million for the first private suborbital spaceflight.
from The Launch Pad
Moon Roundup: Lander and Launches
Nick Azer
A Google Lunar XPRIZE team made a huge splash with its new lander, while several other teams had launch developments.
Moon Roundup: STEM TV
Nick Azer
The Google Lunar XPRIZE teams hit Youtube to talk about their STEM efforts---and technological progress.
Moon Roundup: Launch News & Plants on the Moon
Nick Azer
A bold new launch partnership means Penn State is heading to the moon in 2015; meanwhile, the Google Lunar XPRIZE teams could be carrying plants to the Moon.
Moon Roundup: Challenges and Answers
Nick Azer
The Google Lunar XPRIZE teams face a wide variety of challenges on the way to the Moon---and they tackled them with big tests, new designs, important adjustments, & more over the past week.
Between Mountain and Sea: Exploring Rio Through Imagery
Joe Capra
After traveling to Iceland and Greenland, Rio de Janeiro was the next location on my list of places to Explore. I have always wanted to visit Rio, and with the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympics being hosted there I figured now was a great time to go. My video "RIO" is a compilation of some of the imagery I captured, employing a time lapse approach with 4K and 10K resolution footage. Most of the locations are within the city of Rio de Janeiro, but I also traveled to the famous Iguazú Falls, one of the New Seven Wonders of the world.
Moon Roundup: Booster Stage
Nick Azer
The Google Lunar XPRIZE teams powered up their hardware as big new upgrades to the competition rules were announced.
A New Player in the Return to the Moon
Alex Hall
If all goes according to plan, the moon will soon have its first surface visitor after a three-decade lull. In August 1976, the Soviet unmanned spacecraft, Luna 24, touched down softly on a mission to retrieve some lunar rocks and soil. Since then, humans have only sent spacecraft to orbit or crash into the moon. This is set to change in December 2013, with the anticipated launch of Chang’e 3, China’s first lunar lander.
Moon Roundup: The Many Elements
Nick Azer
Some of the many elements that go into fueling the Google Lunar XPRIZE teams as they follow their dreams to the Moon.
Taikonauts and Gymnastronauts
Andrew Barton
Taikonauts and GymnastronautsFrom September 23-27th 2013, I attended IAC 2013 in Beijing to report on progress about the Google Lunar XPRIZE and see what information I could glean on the upcoming Chinese lunar mission.The Opening Ceremony, like the congress as a whole, was a great chance to see what China’s particular combination of cultural heritage and social model can offer the world in terms of space exploration, space science and space utilization.
Moon Roundup: The Big Picture
Nick Azer
A team explains why they joined the competition if it costs more than $30 million to go to the Moon, and the Google Lunar XPRIZE hits the big screen.


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