Making Milestones to the Moon

11/11/2013 by Alex Hall
The last decade has seen XPRIZE build upon the success of its first competition, the Ansari XPRIZE, which awarded $10 million for the first private suborbital spaceflight.
from The Launch Pad
Forged in Battle: Team Aezon's Origin
Jon Sung
You may have heard about Team Aezon already. They're the youngest team competing for the $10M Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE – an incentivized competition challenging teams around the world to create a real-life, Star Trek-inspired medical Tricorder. They're all undergrads at Johns Hopkins University. Whatever your impression of most undergrads is, it probably doesn't include a serious, innovative attempt to build a working medical Tricorder. So, how'd this team come together? And where'd their leader, Tatiana Rypinski, get her start? Gladiatorial combat, basically.
Connect with Explorers: Watch the Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Hangouts!
Nick Azer
The Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Hangouts allow you to be a participant in the future of the Moon---giving you Q+A access to some of the brightest minds who are looking to go back, go out, and explore. Watch them all, and catch the next one on July 22nd!
Moon Race Roundup: The Baton, Together
Nick Azer
Generations are working together to to conquer great challenges through the Google Lunar XPRIZE, as Buzz Aldrin's son (Moon Express President Andrew Aldrin) carries on the Aldrin lunar legacy & people from all walks of life unite behind teams.
Andrew Torgan
CNET’s Tim Stevens is traveling the globe to meet the teams chasing the $30M Google Lunar XPRIZE. He stopped by “CBS This Morning” and sat down with Charlie Rose and Gayle King to discuss these innovators, and the competition that will take us back to the moon.
25 MoonBots Finalists Announced!
Leo Camacho
Postcard from Copenhagen: EuroScience Open Forum 2014
Anita Heward
The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) is a unique, eclectic event, where researchers from across Europe can engage in dialogue about their work with politicians, journalists, representatives of industry, and members of the public of all ages. Google Lunar XPRIZE went along to debate 'Mining the '…
Moon Race Roundup: Milestones and Mastery
Nick Azer
Key tests are completed as the Google Lunar XPRIZE teams march toward the $6 million Milestones!
Moon Race Roundup: Challenges, On!
Nick Azer
Are you ready for a race on the Moon? Astrobotic's recruiting challengers, as the Google Lunar XPRIZE teams look at rockets, HD imaging, and more.
Moon Race Roundup: The Summit of Technology
Nick Azer
An amazing array of rockets, robots, and more dazzled as the Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Summit convened in Budapest!
Is the Wearable Market About to Explode?
Rick Valencia
With Samsung & Apple both making big announcements (if not actually putting out products) and more and more venture money going into trackables of all kinds-including $120m for "chip in pill" maker Proteus-in the last 10 days, there's tons of hype about consumer tracking in lots of modalities. Qualcomm is the guts behind lots of the chips and technologies that these all use, and have seeded the market with their 2Net data utility layer. (FD I am on the Qualcomm Life advisory board but own no stock). But is the hype justified?


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