Making Milestones to the Moon

11/11/2013 by Alex Hall
The last decade has seen XPRIZE build upon the success of its first competition, the Ansari XPRIZE, which awarded $10 million for the first private suborbital spaceflight.
from The Launch Pad
Healthcare, Consumerized
Gioia Messinger
'Consumerization' is happening in the healthcare market - an ongoing trend of turning patients into consumers. Patients are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets to access and manage healthcare information from anywhere at any time. These devices enable them to take a more active role in their care experience and empower them to choose their own care alternatives.
Lunar Roundup: Greater Exposure
Nick Azer
Plan B got hands-on with a 3D printer while a lot of cool stuff came from the SpaceTechExpo.
Lunar Roundup: Shores of the Cosmic Ocean
Nick Azer
Carl Sagan's wife, and their production studio (Cosmos Studios), endorsed team Omega Envoy!
Beyond STEM: A New "STEAM" Challenge for Teens
Chanda Gonzales
Chanda is a Director of Education at XPRIZE.
Lunar Roundup: Rover Action Reel
Nick Azer
Lots of new rover & tech action as rovers tackled caves, mountains, NASA test beds, and new redesigns!
Mobile Health - The Revolution Will be Measurable
David Schafran
Billions of people worldwide are walking around with sophisticated scientific measurement instruments in their pockets - although they may not realize it. It's their mobile devices, and they have the potential to dramatically change health care economics by performing high-quality biometric testing without trained personnel or bulky, expensive equipment.
Lunar Roundup: Billionaires
Nick Azer
Moon Express explained how to become a billionaire (apparently, it's really easy), while Astrobotic broke out their moon mining scoop for some testing.
Lunar Roundup: Statesmen and Space Mining
Nick Azer
Some of the teams got visits from major statesmen, while Synergy Moon started building its final rovers and Moon Express gave a great explanation of space mining.
The Long-Awaited Revolution: Digital Health Innovation
Paul Sonnier
Over the past several years I've witnessed the digital revolution's long overdue transformation of health and medicine. During this time, the emergence of many innovative sensor-based health solutions has been particularly noteworthy: from iPhone-connected glucose meters and wireless ECG heart monitors, to fertility prediction solutions, to wearable fitness activity trackers, to mobile eye exams using a smartphone's camera.
Lunar Roundup: Air Miles
Nick Azer
The Google Lunar XPRIZE teams traveled from Mars to medieval castles, and from Virginia Tech to Yuri's Night---showing off awesome technology along the way!


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