Making Milestones to the Moon

11/11/2013 by Alex Hall
The last decade has seen XPRIZE build upon the success of its first competition, the Ansari XPRIZE, which awarded $10 million for the first private suborbital spaceflight.
from The Launch Pad
Visioneering The Future
Dr. Peter H. Diamandis
This week at XPRIZE's Visioneering 2013, 120 of the world's visionary thinkers will gather for three days to discuss the world's grand challenges, and how we might solve them using incentive competitions. The event itself is extremely inspiring and a lot of fun, attracting an incredible 'who's who' from the philanthropic, corporate and entrepreneurial world. Past attendees range from Larry Page and Sir Richard Branson to James Cameron, Quincy Jones, and Paul Allen.
Lunar Roundup: Evolution
Nick Azer
The BBC featured the Google Lunar XPRIZE (and an unprecedented inside look at Moon Express), while teams showed off rockets, rovers, cannons, and contracts.
Lunar Roundup: Upvotes All Around
Nick Azer
One of the best weeks yet for the Google Lunar X PRIZE! FREDNET announced a mass Cubesat launch, while we took Reddit by storm and big media covered a bunch of the teams with videos, interviews, articles, and more.
Are We on the Edge of a Revolution in Medical Diagnostics?
Tapani Ryhänen
Health care services are one of the key pillars of any modern society. Ageing populations across the globe, emerging diseases, people living without access to proper medical services, growing economies with limited resources and serious environmental issues are our major challenges today and for the generations to come. Human creativity is needed to find innovative solutions to these global problems in terms of radical changes in health care technologies, in methods of their use and to the value chains.
Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE
Robert B. McCray
What can the health care industry learn from Hollywood? Can we use the power of technology and persuasion to empower consumers to take more responsibility for their own health? Can technology and knowledge of human behavior overcome the health problems that have manifested themselves in the last century of global technical advances?
Welcome to Our Blog
Eileen Bartholomew
This blog will be a place where the XPRIZE team behind the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE will be sharing their experiences and views throughout this 3+ year competition.
The Launch of the Archon Genomics X PRIZE presented by Express Scripts
Grant Campany
The Archon Genomics X PRIZE presented by Express Scripts official launch on October 26 was hosted by veteran broadcast journalist Miles O’Brien, former science and technology reporter for CNN.


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