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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the intellectual property rights to the technology entered in the competition?

Teams own all their intellectual property associated with the design, manufacture, and operation of their entries. The XPRIZE Foundation makes no claim to a team’s intellectual property associated with the design, manufacture, operation of and the data collected by the entry and any subsystems, except in limited instances as detailed in the Master Team Agreement.

What is "de-skilling"?

De-skilling is the process of taking a skill based on human expertise and replacing it with technology-based expertise.

Why is diagnosis the focus, and why is this important? Shouldn't we be trying to cure diseases?

Diagnosis is usually the first step in healthcare. Once a diagnosis can be confirmed, therapy/ treatment (including the appropriate drugs) follows. Unclear or imprecise diagnosis can result in ineffective therapy, since it would be treating the wrong disease.

If the technology can diagnose strep throat, can it also prescribe my antibiotic?

Not in this "Device 1.0" stage of development. Future versions and additional healthcare partnerships would be required to allow for this. It is not a requirement or expectation of this competition, although the benefit is clear.

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