Paul Allen, Burt Rutan, and Elon Musk Team Up to Open Space

In 2004, thousands showed up in Mojave, California for the triumphant launch of SpaceShipOne as part of the Ansari X PRIZE competition. If you had asked them what they viewed as the next big challenge in commercial spaceflight, many would have said: “Going orbital!” Indeed, that Ansari legacy is now aiming higher. The winning partnership of Paul Allen and Burt Rutan has joined forces with X PRIZE Trustee Elon Musk to develop Stratolaunch, a new air-launched orbital spacecraft. Imagine a super-sized craft on the scale of twin 747s, with a powerful multi-stage booster from SpaceX. Add Dynetics, part of the Rocket City Space Pioneers Google Lunar X PRIZE team, and you've got one of the most interesting teams to ever set its sights on orbit.

For more information, read the news release.


Stratolaunch Pioneering New Era of Commercial Space Travel

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