Forbes - Can The Nantucket Project Change Who We Are?

X PRIZE Chairman Peter Diamandis easily gave one of the most compelling presentations of the weekend. Blessed with great presentation skills, his X Prize will hopefully serve as a model solution for a great deal more of the world’s ills and aspirations that have not yet been cured or achieved.

Indeed, the problem with venture capital funding to some degree, and government funding to a very high degree, is just how narrow is the mix of individuals who might have access to both. But with the X Prize offering up cash to anyone with the best cure or solution, it’s fair to argue that access isn’t limited to the usual suspects. Considering cancer or heart disease, and how neither has been cured yet by the greatest medical minds on earth, maybe the X Prize will achieve what accredited physicians haven’t for opening up the possibility of grand reward to the many “mad scientists” who dot the global landscape.

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