James Cameron And Eric Schmidt On Why They "Visioneer" For X ...

The X Prize Foundation has grabbed A-list investors and CNN headlines for their industry-creating multi-million dollar innovation competitions, from commercial space travel to oil-spill cleanup. Yet, for fear of spooking their high-profile brain trust, the foundation has been camera shy about letting journalists document the brainstorming sessions that begin the investigation for a viable competition.

"Visioneering," as they call it, is an aggressively mediated, debate-centric conversation between thought leaders in multiple industries that funnels dozens of wildly optimistic solutions through a series of cut-throat voting rounds. For X Prize, and members of the White House in attendance to learn their method, competitive brainstorming is necessary to give participants an understanding of the commercial viability of a prize, induce attendees into life-long membership, and focus the foundation's own research process.

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