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Star Wars, A.I., The Six Million Dollar Man, Star Trek and a host of other science-fiction films all share a particular futurist’s dream: a broken body is repaired with artificial replacements. Reality is finally catching up with our imaginations. Stem...


You've heard the saying "There's no 'i' in team," but for some multi-billionaires, the expression is more than a cliché - it's standard business practice. After all, if superheroes have sidekicks, then it makes sense that some of the world...


On the island nation of North Dumpling, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s preside as Ministers of Ice Cream, while other notables hold such titles as Minister of Brunch and Minister of Nepotism. North Dumpling has its own constitution, issues its own visas, and prints its own currency, which bears the likeness of its most famous (OK, only) resident.

But while his very private island off the coast of Connecticut may have its whimsies, renowned inventor Dean Kamen wants to show the world the fun in functionality. He’s created the most carbon-neutral kingdom on the planet — “carbon-negative,” in fact. And he hopes to inspire young people to follow his lead in seeking out innovation so that they, too, can become island rulers — or at least the masters of their fates.

“Science and technology and engineering and innovating, it’s for everybody,” Kamen told Matt Lauer on TODAY.“It’s critically important; it’s accessible, it’s fun — and you can make a fortune.”


His personal list of inventions includes everything from an insulin pump to the Segway Transporter. He started the FIRST Robotics engineering challenges for students. Now, inventor Dean Kamen also has his own television show, aimed at spreading the excitement of invention.


BLOOMBERG GAME CHANGERS follows Sergey Brin and Larry Page from their first meeting at Stanford to the new media mega-company on a collision course with old media businesses of newspapers, books, movies and television. Along the way to its astounding success, the co-founders have redefined advertising, created a chain of products such as Google Maps, News, Gmail and have taken on rival giants like Apple and Microsoft.


MOFFETT FIELD, Calif. — NASA's human spaceflight program might take some giant leaps forward if the agency embraces genetic engineering techniques more fully, according to genomics pioneer J. Craig Venter.

The biologist, who established the J. Craig Venter Institute that created the world's first synthetic organism earlier this year, told a crowd here Saturday (Oct. 30) that human space exploration could benefit from more genetic screening and genetic engineering. Such efforts could help better identify individuals most suited for long space missions, as well as make space travel safer and more efficient, he said.


J. Craig Venter, one of the first geneticists to sequence the human genome, has been called many things — arrogant, antagonistic, even daring to play God. But no matter how polarizing he may be, few of his colleagues or critics would deny that he has made monumental advancements in the world of science. This year Venter and his team at the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI), a not-for-profit genomic-research organization, announced in the journal Science that they had created the very first synthetic life-form, by creating DNA using chemicals in a lab and inserting it into a living bacterium.

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On November 17 at 12pm ET, join host former Vice President Al Gore, inventor Dean Kamen, astronaut Sally Ride, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of Discovery Channel's "MythBusters" and young people from around the world for an interactive discussion exploring youth attitudes on math and science, and what these subjects mean for future success.


ast year, game designer Will Wright left Electronic Arts to found Stupid Fun Club, an entertainment think tank that EA also invested in. Today, fans of Wright and other like-minded wannabe TV executives can join Wright in producing his new project, the upcoming TV series, Bar Karma, headed for Current TV in February 2011. Wright designed StoryMaker, a software program for scripting stories, that participants can use to pitch ideas and plot developments for the series.


Four years ago Anousheh Ansari was living a dream - floating weightless in space, more than 200 miles above the earth aboard the International Space Station.

"Space always fascinated me, even as a child. What's out there? Are other beings there, looking back at us on earth?," Ansari told an audience packed into the McDonough Auditorium at Marietta College Monday.


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