XPRIZE Labs currently has teaching and research activities at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Washington, and the University of Southern California. The labs provide a platform to educate university students and faculty around the emerging field of prize theory.

The goal of XPRIZE Labs is to engage the next generation of leading thinkers in recognizing areas that are ripe for breakthrough innovation. Interdisciplinary students explore the strengths of prize philanthropy with academic rigor, using the excitement of the
XPRIZE model as an anchor for engaging them in the world’s biggest challenges.

Through the XPRIZE Labs, graduate students participate in a semester-long lab researching and dissecting the prize philanthropy model. The students produce concepts for new XPRIZE competitions in one of four prize groups: Education & Global Development; Energy & Environment; Exploration; and Life Sciences. At the end of the semester, students present their ideas to senior Foundation leadership and members of the XPRIZE Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Research ventures at the labs examine the role of prizes in corporate, philanthropic and government circles, and use competitions as a natural laboratory to study the processes of innovation.

Hear Dr. Peter Diamandis talk about the XPRIZE Lab @ MIT

The XPRIZE Lab @ MIT was founded in 2007. Since its inception, the lab has developed concepts for future XPRIZE competitions for Tuberculosis Diagnostics, Bionic X Legs, and Clean Aviation.

"The XPRIZE Lab @ MIT is unlike another other class on the planet. It allows, and encourages, you to throw convention out the window in pursuit of solutions to the grand challenges of the world."

- Justin Butler, Graduate Student MIT Sloan School of Management

The XPRIZE Lab @ USC was founded in 2010. The lab recently developed an XPRIZE competition to revolutionize solar power. Two teams of students developed competitions to efficiently deploy solar power in both small and large scales.

The XPRIZE Lab @ UW was founded in 2010. Their most recent lab was focused on water conservation. The goal of the lab was to develop a system which could address the many issues the United States with its water supplies, with focuses on water stressed areas such as the Southwest.

"The XPRIZE Lab @ UW has been an amazing opportunity to combine my creative inclinations with academic pursuits and environmental passions!"

-Chris LaRoche, Graduate Student UW Evans School of Public Affairs

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