Progressive Insurance Automotive XPRIZE

The $10 million Progressive Insurance Automotive XPRIZE was a global competition to inspire a new generation of viable, safe, affordable and super fuel efficient vehicles. The winning teams were the $5 million Mainstream winner, Edison2; $2.5 million Alternative class (tandem seating) winner, X-Tracer; and $2.5 million Alternative class (side-by-side seating) winner, Li-ion Motors. With our partners at Consumer Reports, we advanced the adoption of a new metric, MPGe (Miles per Gallon or gasoline equivalent energy), that offers consumers the ability to make a better comparison of the next generation vehicles using a variety of energy sources and fuels to the conventional cars they drive today. The U.S. Department of Energy was a major supporter of the competition because they believe in incentivizing innovation through competition to reshape the automotive industry. To learn more, click here.

This prize was made possible by a generous grant from Progressive Insurance.

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