Grand Challenge

Thousands of asteroids and other near-Earth objects (NEOs) exist, but worldwide efforts to date have only been able to catalog and track a fraction of them. Historical impacts with Earth have had collision forces exceeding those of a nuclear bomb, causing massive destruction and climate change.

While the likelihood of future events is not great, there have been some relative near misses, and the ramifications of a future collision could prove devastating.

Draft Guidelines

The winning team will select a target NEO of at least 50 meters in diameter in an orbit that is not Earth intersecting, and predict how they will alter the path of the NEO. The alteration must cause a deviation in the NEO’s path of one Earth diameter over a one-year period. The team must then actually alter the path of the NEO in a controllable fashion that is within 99.999 percent accuracy of the predicted path. The method must be scalable for NEOs of up to one kilometer in size.

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Additional Future Prize Concepts

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