Grand Challenge

There are nearly 6 million people living without the use of their legs from paralysis or limb loss due to infection, injury, disease, postoperative complications or trauma. Currently, these individuals’ only alternative for mobility is a wheelchair or walker. There are also tens of millions of aged adults with greatly reduced functional mobility who may be driven to institutional care as a result.

Draft Guidelines

This competition seeks to restore a paraplegic individual to normal capability. The competition takes place in two phases:

Phase 1: The winning team will develop an exoskeleton that can be put on and removed by the individual. The system must allow the individual to perform a number of baseline functions, including standing/sitting, using the toilet, climbing up and down stairs, walking 100 meters through a wooded trail, and standing from a horizontal position. All of this must occur with hands-free function.

Phase 2: All teams that qualify from Phase 1 are eligible to compete in a yearly date-certain event involving running, biking, climbing and dancing competitions with $2 million in purses at stake.

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