Grand Challenge

The most mobile animals in the ocean are also some of the most endangered such as whales, sharks, bluefin tuna, seals, penguins and sea turtles. Their extended ranges force them to encounter unregulated waters and many human-caused threats from poaching, fishing nets, deadly ship strikes and various sources of pollution. But due to a lack of good tagging technologies there is little information about the whereabouts for many of the world’s most endangered marine animals, making it incredibly difficult to protect them. To save marine life we need to be aware of their secret lives, and to do so we will need breakthrough tools to tag and track them.

Draft Guidelines

The winning team will develop a breakthrough tagging technology that can be applied to multiple species, be deployed for a minimum of five years, demonstrate increased sensor capabilities for reporting animal behavior and physical information, have non-harmful attachment techniques, be no larger than X square centimeters, and provide realtime reporting capabilities.

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