Grand Challenge

Annually, over 2 billion people in coastal communities around the world, as well as many marine industries, are negatively impacted by tropical storms because they do not have accurate storm information early enough to properly prepare for or minimize damages. The estimated annual cost of damage resulting from tropical storms globally is approximately $26 billion. These costs are expected to rise to more than $100 billion by 2100, due to a greater number of people and activities in the storms’ paths. Currently, we cannot accurately predict tropical storm track, intensity, the number and location of storms in a season, and other parameters at meaningful accuracy in advance of more than one or two days. The Ocean Weather Prediction XPRIZE will improve data gathering over the oceans to improve our ability to predict and track tropical storms transforming how we respond to weather events globally.

Draft Guidelines

The winning team will develop new weather prediction methods and technologies that improve storm tracking to within 50 miles with a10-day lead time. It will improve intensity prediction to within 15 mph with a 5 day lead time. The winning solution will (1) include efficient, and robust technology that can withstand harsh marine environments, collect vital data and deliver it under extreme storm conditions, and (2) demonstrate the utility of the data in forecast models to create immediate improved track and intensity forecasts. Bonus prizes may be offered for improved predictions of related parameters, such as storm surge, off-shore wave heights and wind speeds.

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Additional Future Prize Concepts

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