Grand Challenge

There are estimated to be four to eight million LGBT people living in the U.S. LGBT couples that wish to have children must rely on donor eggs, sperm and surrogates in order to have a family. Even in the most successful scenarios, the resulting children have only the genes of one parent. Advances in stem cell technology may have the power to enable same sex couples to have children resulting from the genetic combination of genes from both parents. A Same Sex Reproduction XPRIZE has the power to offer hope and joy to LGBT couples, furthering equal opportunities to all people on our planet.

Draft Guidelines

The winning team will develop a technology for deriving a healthy embryo from the donor material of two genetic men or two genetic women. Additionally, teams will work with voluntary couples and surrogates to use this approach to help these couples have children. The prize will be awarded upon the successful birth of two healthy babies achieved by the winning technique.

To find out how you can help support this XPRIZE, please email [email protected].


Additional Future Prize Concepts

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