Grand Challenge

As a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. faces a new reality in which every airline passenger, train, car, and piece of cargo poses a potential threat. Magnetometers (commonly known as “metal detectors”) no longer ensure safety, and new security measures require citizens to sacrifice convenience and a certain amount of personal freedom. Breakthroughs are needed to transport people and cargo more safely, efficiently and conveniently. A prize could help develop a means to detect potential security threats in a noninvasive way without interrupting the flow of traffic, events, or commerce.

Draft Guidelines

The winning team will design technology that protects the privacy of air and rail passengers, as well as attendees of public events, while ensuring safety and security. The technology must also avoid disrupting the normal flow of travel or public events. The winning solution will be capable of detecting metal weapons (knives, guns, etc.), illicit chemicals, or explosives with 100 percent accuracy at a rate of “x” people per minute — without human intervention. Furthermore, individuals being screened must be able to keep on all of their clothing, including jackets, belts and shoes.

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Additional Future Prize Concepts

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