Grand Challenge

More than half the world’s population relies on the seas as their source of protein. As the Earth’s population soars toward 10 billion, this increasing pressure has resulted in devastation for many of the world’s fisheries. The fish that sustain billions of people around the world are being overfished at an unsustainable rate. By some estimates, all wild fisheries will have completely collapsed by the middle of this century. But the protections that have been put in place suffer from the incredible difficulty in enforcing regulations and preventing illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing. This prize will create effective solutions to verify when, where, how, and by whom fish are caught, thus providing enforcement officials the data to act, consumers the confidence to purchase healthy, safe, and legal fish, and communities the ability to enforce sustainable practices.

Draft Guidelines

The winning team will create an information technology-based solution to illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing. The winning solution will be a device or process that utilizes appropriate algorithms to (1) identify the fish species, (2) identify its site of origin, and (3) provide an accurate description of where the fish has traveled from its source to the end market (either port of control or final customer). These results must be provided within 4 hours and with at least 90 percent confidence. Teams will be judged on their accuracy of identification and ease of interpretation by the end user (customers and enforcement officials), with the greatest accuracy and confidence in interpretation determining the winner.

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