Grand Challenge

A number of challenges prevent us from accurately, efficiently, and affordably monitoring and measuring water — our earth’s most vital resource. Key gaps in measurement and monitoring include the need for more granular and decentralized water data, affordable water quality monitoring systems, accurate water consumption and recharge data, and real-time data on the functionality of water sources (e.g., hand-pumps and bore-wells). While various government bodies and bilateral organizations have made progress, a lack of effective, advanced, and economical technologies have limited the extent of data collection and dissemination. A Water Stewardship XPRIZE could revolutionize the means by which water data is gathered, analyzed, and communicated to promote improved water conservancy and protection.

Draft Guidelines

A Water Stewardship XPRIZE will require teams to develop a hand-held device that senses the quantity and quality of water resources available in a local area, sends information to a central database, and can share key inputs with stakeholders and consumers. The device should suggest a usage or purification method based on contaminants in the water sample and allow for collected data to be easily retrievable by simple, cost-effective communication channels, such as SMS. A Water Stewardship XPRIZE would provide access to granular and reliable water-related data that would ultimately help individuals, communities, and government to understand and practice better stewardship of available water.

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