The WILL OF THE PEOPLE Visioneers Team Needs Your Support

The WILL OF THE PEOPLE Visioneers Team Needs Your Support

Over the last few years, something has been made more and more abundantly clear—our democracy is fractured. What was once designed to be a government of, by and for the people has become a system polluted by everything from fake news, voter system hacking, voter ID fraud, outdated technology, archaic voting machines and a number of other challenges that have left citizens losing faith that their votes are being counted and their voices are being heard.

It is time to innovate. It is time to transform our democracy.

Here at XPRIZE, we were thrilled when legendary political campaign strategist, Joe Trippi, came forward to lead the WILL OF THE PEOPLE Visioneers Team. The team, made up of a group of technologists, political scientists and innovators, are now working on an Impact Strategy as part of the XPRIZE methodology to crowdsource solutions from around the world that address the democratic failures related to linear and outdated processes and tools.

Their hope is that with new emerging exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, the blockchain and big data analytics, disruptive innovations can be brought forward through a global XPRIZE competition. And we couldn’t agree more!

This October is the XPRIZE Visioneers Summit. This annual program brings together a group of 250 prominent corporate and political leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, leading technologists and scientists to critique the Impact Proposals of five teams. Collectively, this community will determine—through a multi-day objective critique—which concepts are certified “ready for launch” and become the next XPRIZE competition. However, to be included in this process, each Visioneers team requires a sponsor to fund the design team and efforts leading up to the summit…

The WILL OF THE PEOPLE team needs a sponsor. And what better sponsor for a team focused on democracy than a crowdfunded team sourced through the passion and will of the people!

In order for the WILL OF THE PEOPLE Visioneers team to continue their groundbreaking work and take the stage at Summit, they need your help. They need people like you, who understand the urgent need to transform democracy, to take action by donating to the WILL OF THE PEOPLE crowdfunding campaign.

Make your voice heard. Please visit the WILL OF THE PEOPLE crowdfunding page to donate today.

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