Visioneering Summit 2022

Visioneering brings together a highly curated crowd of accomplished CEOs, world leaders, philanthropists, influencers and thought leaders who care about going from success to significance.


The work done at Visioneering is important to us, and to the world. While we remain hopeful that we can meet in person soon, we are working to create compelling content for our community to continue to engage in these critical topics for our shared future. 

Please fill out the contact form to register your interest and receive updates about the event. 

Attendees help XPRIZE refine and iterate how we tackle global challenges, learn from one and other about breakthrough efforts being conducted across the world, and hear and experience new exponential technologies that are reshaping society and helping to generate an abundant future for all.

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Participants will have the unique opportunity to present and pitch their ideas for grand challenges that they are passionate about addressing. Teams of participants organically form, collaborate, ideate, pitch and vote to help the Foundation determine the next generation of XPRIZEs.

By tapping into the genius of the crowd, and our global brain trust of philanthropists and innovators, we significantly increase the likelihood that our XPRIZEs will catalyze breakthroughs that generate a 10x impact in the world.

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