Jack Bader

Jack Bader

Jack Bader has always been an entrepreneur. From his earliest years in the family businesses he learned that success was linked to one's creative abilities and an understanding that the world is filled with millions of opportunities. Jack earned a BS in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania in 1974, graduating in the first class to receive this newly created degree.

Jack focused his career on niche areas that showcased his technical creativity. Beginning as a mainframe programmer it was only a few years before he joined his first startup and delved into the emerging world of CP/M microcomputers. Writing everything from system BIOS routines thru integrating B-tree routines with a BASIC he licensed, he created financial systems that powered his clients to significant growth.

In 1979, Jack began his entrepreneurial journey by founding his first IT consulting company, Delphic Systems. With no capital, he marketed his PC programming skills to emerging and established firms. Attention to quality, customer service, incredible staff productivity and a knack for identifying skilled talent brought even more business. He grew quickly.

In the early 80's, partnering with AT&T, he formed the first local IT consulting company focusing on the UNIX/C market, Programming & Systems Consultants. He helped create a national software products and consulting company that melded the AT&T brand with his entrepreneurial experience to penetrate accounts throughout the U.S. This company grew substantially and was sold in the mid 90's.

NetEffects was formed in 1995 with Jack as its Founder and President. Working with Fortune 500 firms throughout the United States and various foreign countries NetEffects provides a broad spectrum of niche consulting skills. NetEffects has grown to be one of the largest privately held IT consulting firms in the St. Louis region.

Jack is an active instrument rated private pilot and has been involved with the XPRIZE Foundation since 1998. In 2002 he served as Assistant Flight Director for Erik Lindbergh's 75th anniversary flight across the Atlantic. For the 2004 Ansari XPRIZE, he was the Director of Infrastructure, responsible for all Internet and Webcast technical areas. He gets immeasurable support from his wife Anne and his children Ben and Abby (a recent XPRIZE intern).