Alexander Nicholas, Ph.D. EVP, Learning, Innovation & Society
Alexander Nicholas, Ph.D.

In 2045, we imagine a future where every person, regardless of income, race, age, or identity has access to learning experiences customized to their unique capabilities and aspirations. In this future, every child is radically empowered by education, and their course in life is no longer determined by the zip code or village they’re born in.    

High-quality learning is demonetized, delocalized, and woven into the fabric of society. Structural barriers no longer impede the aspirations of learners and their communities. Universal internet access makes learning more virtual, immersive, gamified, and hands-on. Education is no longer something that happens in a building during prescribed hours but evolves into a series of immersive, seamless, organic experiences that support continuous personal and professional growth.

 Learners, employers, and civic leaders drive equitable human progress by creating decentralized structures, and leveraging technology, innovation, curated data, and insights mediated by artificial intelligence. Citizens have the knowledge, skills, and tools to navigate the complexities of government and society.  

XPRIZE believes that revolutions in learning are fundamental building blocks of an inclusive and sustainable society.  By cultivating inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs, we will reimagine and remake the way societies design, produce, and consume products and services, globally. Incentivized prizes will rapidly advance critical learning platforms and grow innovation ecosystems for technology entrepreneurs, ushering in a new era where quality, accessible, lifelong learning is available to all.


XPRIZE Connect

XPRIZE Connect positions youths in a future where an abundance mindset, digital prowess and innovative thinking are the bedrock of socio-economic development and inclusive growth. Students learn how to translate their ideas into tangible prototypes or concepts that have the potential to create a positive impact. XPRIZE Connect isn't just a program - it's a call to action for young people everywhere to believe in their potential, harness their ingenuity, and help shape the world of tomorrow.



Brain Trust

The Brain Trust is a group of world-renowned innovators, thought leaders, industry experts, and entrepreneurs that together shape the design of what could become the next revolutionary moonshot prize competitions in the Grand Challenge Domain of Learning & Society.