Envision a time when clean, reliable, and sustainable energy is accessible and affordable for everyone. A time in which we are firmly on the path to restoring safe balance to Earth’s climate system and where redesigned energy systems, restored ecosystems, and a circular economy are a reality.

In this world, economic development is decoupled from environmental degradation, unlocking a radical new future in which human prosperity and well-being are enhanced by climate justice and restoration of the natural environment, not in competition with these goals.

XPRIZE is accelerating the arrival of this future by growing a community of innovators intent on finding and deploying positive solutions that address current and future challenges in energy and climate solutions. Incentive prizes can drive the creation of breakthrough innovations that can pull this future forward, increasing the quality of life, and ending the existential climate change threat facing us all.  This is a future of both a stable climate and clean, sustainable energy for all. It is a future we urgently need, and one that we all deserve.



Brain Trust

The Brain Trust is a group of world-renowned innovators, thought leaders, industry experts, and entrepreneurs that together shape the design of what could become the next revolutionary moonshot prize competitions in the Grand Challenge Domain of Climate & Energy.