Paresh Ghelani

Paresh Ghelani

Chairman, DTV Motor Corporation

Paresh Ghelani is an avid entrepreneur who believes in addressing global grand challenges through innovation and entrepreneurship. His current focus is investing in early stage and cutting-edge technologies such as Moon Express, Viome Inc, and various startups.

As Chairman of DTV Motor Corporation, Paresh is looking to introduce a whole new breed of off-road vehicles for sports enthusiasts and the military.

With the vision of addressing the world’s Grand Challenges through innovative approaches and making a large-scale difference in humanity, Paresh believes in achieving peace through prosperity. He is currently working with the world’s best visionary group to shape the strategy to expand the highly successful XPRIZE platform to India and globally.

Prior to DTV Motor Corporation, Paresh was the Founder and CEO of 2020 Company, LLC, which was acquired by a large private equity group. With expertise in management strategy and vision, Paresh and 2020 won numerous awards for growth and leadership. 2020 worked with the U.S. government to provide solutions in the areas of health care IT, education and science.

Prior to successfully building 2020 from the ground up, Paresh built and sold two other businesses in technology field.

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