Who We Are

XPRIZE is an innovation engine. A driver of exponential change. A catalyst for the benefit of humanity.

We provide the vision and thought leadership to identify the Grand Challenges of our time – the global crises and market failures where solutions are thought to be either out of reach or just plain impossible. And then we design and operate incentivized prize competitions to solve them.

We act as a convening platform, bringing together passionate partners to accelerate a positive future based upon our vision of a better tomorrow. The result? Averted crisis. Revitalized markets. Better technologies. New industries. And empowered people.

Making the Impossible Possible


The prize lifecycle begins with Ideation, a collaborative process by which XPRIZE defines a Grand Challenge and generates prize concepts that address the market failures in a given landscape. XPRIZE then moves into Design & Planning, where the leading prize concept is truly crafted into an XPRIZE competition. XPRIZE devises a campaign and marketing strategy, launches the competition, and recruits teams to participate. Teams compete to win the prize, and the winners are announced at an exciting award event. Following the award of the prize, XPRIZE engages in post-prize activities to ensure that the prize has the maximum potential impact for humanity.


We have something special here. Our people are our product. Without them, we couldn’t make the impossible possible. Meet some of our teammates and read about how they are helping us change the world:

Winona Dorris — Senior Director, Finance & Accounting
I Prize Quality Education for All Children

Winona Dorris joins XPRIZE with more than 20 years of experience leading finance and accounting teams in the entertainment, healthcare, and consulting industries. She is the central point of contact for all day to day financial issues, primarily responsible for leading the operational strategy as it relates to the finance department.

Matt Keller — Senior Director, Prize Operations
I Prize Learning

Matt Keller is Senior Director of the $15 million Global Learning XPRIZE. He is leading an effort that challenges teams from all over the world to create innovative technologies that will bring children -- on their own and with each other -- from non-literacy to literacy in 18 months in parts of the world where quality learning environments are difficult to access. Previously, as Vice-President of One Laptop per Child, Keller led OLPC’s ground-breaking literacy project in remote Ethiopia testing the theory that children from non-literate communities could teach themselves to read using tablets filled with off-the-shelf applications.

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