Cayley Tullman

Cayley Tullman

As President of the Tullman Family Office, Cayley manages an overall annual budget of approximately $20 million and determines philanthropic, political, business, and social impact investments. She works directly with senior business leaders and political officials to develop creative, scalable solutions to tackle our nation’s most pervasive problems in the economic, education, public health, and security spaces.

Cayley is a problem solver dedicated to serving her country. She excels at developing inventive and tailored approaches to address complex tasks and connecting individuals with disparate perspectives toward a shared mission. 

Cayley has over a decade of experience within the Federal Government where she served in operational and strategic roles in the United States and abroad.  During this time, she served as a Program Manager responsible for the collaboration across several matrixed offices to develop operational frameworks and provide strategic guidance on a special foreign program. 

Cayley’s primary professional expertise is Iran, and she has had unique exposure to various related geopolitical issues including U.S. sanctions against Iran, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, and other security and economic issues. Cayley is proficient in several languages including Farsi and Spanish, which she has utilized to achieve mission success in challenging environments.

In early 2022, Cayley transitioned from her national security work into the private sector and assumed the role of President of the Tullman Family Office. She maintains a Reserve position in the national security space.