Earl Campbell

Earl Campbell

Head of Architecture, Riverlane; Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield


Earl leads the quantum science efforts at Riverlane, a scale-up building the quantum error correction stack for quantum computers.  He also teaches at Sheffield University as a senior lecturer.  Earl is a world expert in quantum error correction with nearly two decades of experience in creating fresh design concepts for fault-tolerant quantum computing architectures.

During his career, Earl has made significant contributions to quantum error correction, fault-tolerant quantum logic and compilation, and quantum algorithms--with 80+ publications including a popular review on quantum error correction in Nature.  His contributions include recent work on building real-time decoders, invention of randomized algorithms (notably qDRIFT), compilers tailored to fault-tolerant architectures, development of new approaches to magic state distillation and the underpinning resource theory and related classical simulators. Earlier in his career, he designed new entanglement distillation protocols for measurement-based quantum computing.  

Previously, Earl was a senior scientist at AWS contributing to their fault-tolerant architecture designs for cat qubit systems, and developing novel quantum algorithms (2020-2022).   He was group leader at University of Sheffield (2014-2020), holding an EPSRC fellowship and leading a European consortium on quantum error correction.   He did a postdoc with Jen Eisert in Berlin (2010-2014) and held an 1851 royal society fellowship at University College London (2008-2010).  With his work in quantum computing starting with a PhD at Oxford University (2005-2008) under the supervision of Simeon Benjamin.