Jesenya Magaña

Jesenya Magaña

Social Media Manager, Content & Community

Jesenya Magaña joined XPRIZE as the Social Media Manager on the Content & Community team. Her experience includes managing brands in music, live events, film, gaming, family entertainment, non-profit, automotive manufacturing, and transportation.

As a brand manager, Jesenya specialized in influencer marketing where she grew brands via Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitch, Spotify, Apple Music, Discord, and SoundCloud.  Jesenya was responsible for promoting several influential artists to new audiences, curating content, conducting market research, strengthening their fanbase, and creating an online experience. These tactics gained the artists global recognition.

With over 6 years of festival operations experience, Jesenya seasonally works with Insomniac Events as a supervisor to the harm reduction department.  She assists the department through leading, coordinating, training, and staffing events on a national level.

Throughout her placements and collaborations, Jesenya has made it her mission to be an advocate for mental health, climate change, and human rights.

Jesenya graduated from California State University Fullerton with a BA in Public Relations and Human Communication Studies. 

Jesenya’s experience with CSUF’s Strategic Communications Department and Associated Students, Inc. helped her find her passion in brand storytelling, digital marketing, and content creation.