Nabyl Charania and Rodrigo Tona

Nabyl Charania and Rodrigo Tona

Nabyl Charania

Managing and General Partner, Meta4 Capital
Chairman of the Board, Rokk3r
Owner, Charington Stables

Nabyl Charania is a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits and has seeded several successful companies as well as crypto and digital asset private investment funds with outstanding returns. He is Managing GP at Meta4 Capital, a Web 3.0-focused investment management firm whose first vehicle, Meta4 NFT Fund I, is deploying towards rare and historically significant non-fungible tokens (NFTs). At Meta4, he combines his entrepreneurial track record and deep technology expertise, with his passions for art, music, culture, community and, of course, sneakers

Nabyl founded Rokk3r, one of the first company builders globally that over the years has invested in creating, acquiring, and integrating technology companies and is now a strategic holding company focused on exponential technology companies.

He is also owner and founder of Charington Stables, a horse racing institution for the metaverse. It includes a breeding operation and horseracing team that has initially set its sights on the Zed.Run platform with plans to expand across the metaverse. Charington Stables merges Nabyl’s fondness for horses and the thrill of racing with a vision that blurs the lines between the virtual and real worlds via Web3.

Nabyl grew up in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi where seeing his dad tinkering with electronics, and his neighbors and community working together to solve any problem no matter how big or small, are his earliest memories of technology and the power of human potential.

In 1993, Apple released the Newton, a personal digital assistant device that looked like the communicator from Star Trek. The moment he saw the device, it all came together for Nabyl. He was convinced this would be the future, and he wanted to be involved in the substantial transformations technology could bring to everyone, everywhere. After graduating with a Math degree from the University of Waterloo in 2000, Nabyl started several technology ventures that went on to have successful exits, and developed and managed large-scale engineering and R&D teams.

As a father of 2, Nabyl enjoys inspiring his kids (who think they’re adults) to find and vigorously pursue the many diverse passions their cheerful hearts desire. His other interests include trying to emulate his lifetime best 405 lbs bench press, 4.45 second 40-yard dash achieved in his younger days, and training to beat his kids at video games.

He is most passionate about leaving a positive, world-changing legacy, and as such, his massive transformative purpose (“MTP”) is to “create incorruptible prosperity and abundant ecosystems for all across the universe.” Nabyl draws inspiration for his MTP from the ethical framework of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) and the mission of the XPRIZE Foundation. As a legacy donor, he supports the AKDN’s fundamental objective to improve the quality of human life through a variety of agencies working in the fields of economic development, education, healthcare, and cultural enrichment. As a member of the XPRIZE Vision Circle, Nabyl joins other global business leaders to contribute thought leadership and funds for XPRIZE’s large-scale global incentive competitions that crowdsource solutions to the world’s grand challenges. Nabyl is also fascinated by space, and is excited to pursue space travel and other space projects that line up with his MTP.


Rodrigo Tona

Partner, Strategic Advisory Board Member – Rokk3r Inc.

Named “Most Influential Business Leader of the Year” by Derecho y Negocios Magazine in 2019 and ranked among the top 15 “Executive with Highest Professional Ethics” in Central America, by Summa Magazine in 2020, with a BS in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s in Science of Management, Rodrigo Leads Grupo TERMO, leaders in Sustainable Innovation in Flexible Packaging and a Plastic Recycling, Last Mile Delivery and Social Ecommerce, based out of El Salvador Central America. The group has 2,000 associates in 7 countries, with operations in Central and North America and South-East Asia and its products reach all 5 continents in the world.

Grupo TERMO has been awarded “Largest Plastics Industry Exporter” for five consecutive years 19, 18, 17, 16 and 15) by the Industrial Association of El Salvador (ASI); in 2019 the National Corporation of Exporters (COEXPORT) named them “National Exporter of the Year©”, in 2018 the Salvadoran Chamber of Commerce awarded the country’s most prestigious award for the private sector “La Palma de Oro©” for their contribution to the countries development, on 2019 Great Place Work raked TERMO in the top 10 Employers of El Salvador and #13 Great Place to Work© in Central America (for companies of over 1,000 employees), The Enterprise Foundation for Social Development (FUNDEMAS) has awarded the National Price Marca Positiva© on the Environmental Category in 2018 and 2016 among other international recognitions.

In 2020 Grupo TERMO became the first company in El Salvador to become Certified Carbon Neutral and a signing member of The United Nations Global Compact. In addition, the group has become the largest plastic recycler in Central America, recycling 39 million pounds in 2019, transforming traditional industries and creating new ones around the Upcycling of Plastics and the development of Circular Economy Enterprises achieving in 2020 first GRS Certification (Global Recycling Standard). In 2018 TERMO became the first Central American company to Sign the United Nations and Ellen Macarthur’s New Plastic Economy Declaration, setting very aggressive sustainability goals, including becoming the first Central American Company in the Packaging Sector to be Carbon Positive, Zero Waste to Landfill and to transform 60%+ of its consumption to circular economy post-consumer recycled content. Grupo TERMO has developed an internal Venture Lab to Explore Open Innovation with Entrepreneurs from around the World in order to create Triple Impact Enterprises that have global scalability.

Rodrigo enjoys traveling, meeting people and learning about their traditions, while trying all sorts of food! A perfect combination that allows for business and pleasure trips to be more enjoyable... He has traveled the Americas, Europe and Asia, understanding global stakeholder’s sustainability needs and potential transformational solutions. He enjoys learning about other cultures, their customs, and traditions and how Sustainable Development, Circular Innovation, Social Commerce, Industry 4.0 trends and Flexible Packaging play a crucial role in the evolution of society.

Rodrigo is an active member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN) and of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), he participates in Academic and Business Board of Governors and is Co-Founder of @ALMAWEAVING, an Entrepreneurial Venture that supports young women and men at risk in their University Studies, while creating and selling sustainable fashion items.

Rodrigo lives in El Salvador, Central America and is happily married, has 3 wonderful boys, who he loves spending quality time with. Some of his favorite hobbies are traveling, reading, exercise and spending the weekends on outdoor activities with family and friends.