Past Adventure Trips

Through each Adventure Trip, the XPRIZE Team presents the top secret prizes under development at XPRIZE. Guests are able to discuss and debate where XPRIZE should be launching its next generation of prizes and to envision and help create the future.


The 2016 XPRIZE Innovation Adventure Trip focused on the combination of Artificial Intelligence & the Brain.  Guest were able to see how XPRIZE seeks to embrace and incentivize the accelerated development within these areas. Holding the potential to solve the world’s greatest challenges, this Adventure Trip brought innovation in A.I. and the Brain as a once-in-an-epoch moment inspiring and amazing our guests.

Guests experienced Intelligence Convergence starting at Google hosted by Ray Kurzweil and the Gazzaley Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at UCSF. Guests also engaged in delivering keynote insights and the powerful connection between A.I. & the Brain at Singularity University with companies such as Facebook, Sentient, Vicarious, Circuit Therapeutics, Eyefluence. With the help of a flavor compound algorithm, IBM’s Chef Watson curated and created unique dishes for an exclusive dinner experience.  On the last day, guests immersed themselves in an ingenious system for teaching robots and how to perform complex tasks using human teachers at Kindred.

Overall, guests experienced the future of mind-to-mind communication and participated in discussions with world leading experts in A.I. & the Brain.

XPRIZE Innovation Adventure Trip 2015

The 2015 XPRIZE Innovation Adventure Trip focused of exponential robotics. The trip began with a VIP experience at FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Championships in St. Louis, MO. Guests enjoyed a unique behind-the-scenes perspective from XPRIZE Trustee, serial inventor, Founder of FIRST and President of DEKA Research and Development Corporation, Dean Kamen.

Then, guests flew via private jets to New Hampshire for an exclusive tour of Dean Kamen’s Estate and took helicopters to his private island, North Dumpling Island. 

Finally, guests went to see the latest robotics and all things autonomous in Boston including Aldebaran, Rethink Robotics, MIT CSAIL & MIT Media Lab. Throughout the trip, guests also heard from Dan Barry (Roboticist and Shuttle Astronaut), Marc Raibert (CEO and Founder of Boston Dynamics) and Dava Newman (Deputy Administrator of NASA).

XPRIZE Ansari 10th Anniversary Trip 2014

The XPRIZE Ansari 10th Anniversary Trip focused on the 10th anniversary of the winning of the $10M Ansari XPRIZE and offered unparalleled insights into commercial space.

The 4-day trip started in Los Angeles, moved to Mojave Desert and ended in Los Angeles. During the trip, guests had a number of private-astronaut tour-guides including Anousheh Ansari and Richard Garriott. They, along with the CEOs and leadership of 10 of the top space-companies, provided them with an inside view of the space exploration technologies that exist today and those that will take us into tomorrow.

The trip was curated for a small group of 40 participants who were interested in helping XPRIZE envision the future of space exploration.

XPRIZE Innovation Adventure Trip 2014

2014 focused on innovations in the world of synthetic biology, human longevity and organogensis.

The itinerary included a visit to Google Headquarters with a brisk ride in their new autonomous automobile. In San Francisco,  3D Systems, Cambrian Genomics, Genome Compiler, Glowing Plant, Universal Bioming, Modern Meadow, Matternet, Made in Space, Suitable Technologies, Unbounded Robotics and Ekso Bionics to see the latest in 3D printing technologies, robotics and telepresence systems. Guests also saw the latest in surgical robotics at Intuitive Surgical. 

The next stop was San Diego, CA via private jets for a visit to Qualcomm headquarters to find out about the latest in wireless health devices; have their own personal genome fully sequenced and analyzed at Illumina; tour J. Craig Venter Institute and take a “walking tour” of a full quantitative neuroimage of their brain provided by CorTechs Labs.

Guests also toured Organovo to see how they are leading the charge on 3D bio-printing.

XPRIZE Adventure & Innovation Experience 2013

The 2013 theme was Exploration in both the oceans and space. Guests arrived in San Diego where Paul Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm, hosted participants for a welcome dinner. Attendees started with tours hosted by Scripps Institution of Oceanography with special guests Sylvia Earle, Dave Gallo, and US Naval Admiral Dave Buss. Following, guests visited Synthetic Genomics with founder, Dr. J. Craig Venter.

Participants experienced weightlessness on Zero-G Flights, flying a total of fifteen 30-second parabolic flights that gave them approximately seven minutes of weightlessness, nearly twice as much as a suborbital flight.

Next, guests took private jets from San Diego directly to the Mojave Air & Spaceport. They toured Masten, X COR, Scaled Composites and Virgin Galactic. Attendees enjoyed a lunchtime talk by Astronaut-Pilot Brian Binnie and then loaded back on the jets to fly to LA. That evening, guests enjoyed a sneak peek film on the FOX Studios lot, hosted by Chairman & CEO, Jim Gianopulos.

The trip concluded with a tour of SpaceX, and Q&A with host Elon Musk.

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