AI is learning gender bias from humans. Biased data leads to biased insights, biased algorithms, biased solutions and policies, and ultimately a biased world that is designed only to meet the needs of the few. However, if harnessed for good, AI and machine learning can create a future in which unbiased insights tell the story of all humanity —not just a subset of it.

The goal of the Gender Breakthrough Track is to generate and fuel meaningful projects that advance progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) around gender equity. Projects with the potential to generate the highest and most immediate impact in the following domains will be considered for the finalist positions:

  1. Identify technical/non-technical ways to define, detect, and evaluate algorithmic gender bias.
  2. How can AI systems be designed and used to help human decision making be more gender inclusive?
  3. How can diverse data sets be identified and collectively leveraged to give a more complete picture on gender inequality to allow for evidence-based policy making?

In the case of team submissions, we strongly encourage teams to be racially diverse and gender balanced. Submissions will be accepted through August 25, after which our team will review your submission and will follow up regarding next steps as appropriate. The top three finalists in each domain will be selected by the Brain Trust and will have the opportunity to present their projects at the virtual AI for Good Global Summit in September.

Join us in our efforts to prevent a cycle of algorithmic bias and enable an equitable future for humanity by submitting a project idea to the Gender Breakthrough Track through the form below.