Confronting the crisis of COVID-19 has proven to be one of the world’s most critical challenges. One that is bigger than any singular government or organization. As possibly the greatest challenge of our generation, the response to COVID-19 requires collaboration and uncommon thinking, which is precisely why we’ve created the Collective Pandemic Intelligence Breakthrough Track as part of this year’s AI for Good Global Summit.

If harnessed for the good of humanity, AI and machine learning can help enable and accelerate existing efforts to solve our current crisis and pave the way for new solutions to this and future pandemics.

Join us to solve pandemic responses together.

As part of the AI for Good Global Summit, the Pandemics Breakthrough Track is an opportunity for anyone to propose projects that advance progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The three themes open for project submissions in this track are:

  1. How can we incentivize data collection and sharing to help build solutions that are equitable and fair when it comes to responses to communities affected by pandemics such as Covid-19?

    1. We welcome projects with an equity lens that empower and engage underrepresented and over affected communities as partners
    2. We are looking for projects that leverage AI to build an understanding of the extent to which socio-economic circumstances contribute to the risk of Covid-19 spread and mortality in communities as opposed to population genetics alone.

  2. How to create predictive models that support informed policy making and mitigation of improper resource allocation during a pandemic?

    1. We welcome projects that will produce solutions that are able to identify all at-risk populations during a pandemic and suggest optimal levels of financial and medical resource allocations as well as frontline support to these populations.
    2. We are looking for projects that develop explainable and risk-bounded model predictions that take into consideration social determinants of health (e.g. cultural norms, job status, financial status, healthcare access) on COVID-19 transmission dynamics and mortality.
    3. We are looking for data-driven projects that have immediate applicability to inform and test policy suggestions on risk mitigation and societal stabilization practices.

  3. How can data and evidence-based AI models help avoid misinformation and panic while minimizing economic impact and maximizing health outcomes?

    1. We welcome projects that can help eliminate subjective biases when it comes to economic and health responses.
    2. We are looking for projects that identify the seeds of misinformation.
    3. We are looking for projects that identify proper channels of sharing information - i.e. what should be distributed directly to the public, to health systems, chambers of commerce, local transit authorities, etc.

Interested individuals and teams from around the world are invited to submit project ideas to the Pandemics Track. Projects with the potential to generate the highest and most immediate impact in one of the three themes listed above will be championed and shepherded by experts and will be considered for a finalist position. The top three finalists will then be selected by the Pandemics Track Brain Trust and will have the opportunity to present their projects for a possible launch at the virtual AI for Good Global Summit September 21-25, 2020.

In the case of team submissions, we strongly encourage teams to be racially diverse and gender balanced. Submissions will be accepted through August 25, after which our team will review your submission and will follow up regarding next steps as appropriate.

For more information on what XPRIZE is doing to end pandemics, check out the Pandemic Alliance. For all other questions, please contact [email protected].