Nov 30 2018

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The IBM Watson AI XPRIZE had 32 competitors from 10 countries in Round 3. Round 3 took place in 2019 and culminated with the selection of 10 semifinalists.

Team Name    Location
A.S.I.M.o.V.    Monreale, Italy
Aifred Health    Montreal, Canada
AITera Inc.    Quebec City, Canada 
AMIKO AI    Milan, Italy
Arterys    San Francisco, United States
Autism BuddyBot    Cupertino, United States
Behaivior    Pittsburgh, United States
Brown HCRI    Providence, United States
Choosito!    Philadelphia, United States
CwC    Hoboken, United States
Deep Drug    Baton Rouge, United States
deepc    Munich, Germany
Element Inc    New York, United States
emPrize    Atlanta, United States    Oslo, Norway
Global A.I.    New York , United States
Learn Leap Fly    Ottawa, Canada    Paris, France
MachineGenes    Brisbane, Australia
Marinus Analytics    Pittsburgh, United States
Mercury Orbit Music    Los Angeles, United States
Nectar Technologies    Montreal, Canada
OPTOSS AI    Amsterdam, Netherlands    Munich, Germany
Spock    Mountain View, United States
T2H20    Irvine, United States
Mt. Cleverest    Jersey City, United States
CleanRobotics    Pittsburgh, United States
TwynBrain    Penarth, United Kingdom
uOttawa-AI                       Ottawa, Canada                           
Wadhwani AI    Mumbai, India
Zzapp Malaria    Tel Aviv, Israel