Introducing the REA Ideas Competition

Feb 23 2022

At XPRIZE, we believe that great ideas come from anyone, anywhere. And, as the XPRIZE Racial Equity Alliance launches a brand new competition focused on Education Equity, we want to hear from you. We are seeking your ideas! 10 great ideas will win $5,000.

What does an equitable future look like when it comes to education? How could the next multi-million dollar XPRIZE competition pull that equitable future forward? 


The Racial Equity Alliance is proud to introduce the Ideas Competition, presented by Intel. Up to 10 wedding ideas will be selected in winners will share a total prize purse of $50,000. Your idea could be the spark for future XPRIZE competitions with the goal of advancing educational equity in the United States.

Education is a fundamental driver of change. It is an active investment in human capital. When done intentionally and equitably, education promotes greater public health outcomes, increases creativity, boosts economic advancement, and plays a critical role in eliminating historic inequities within society.


Competitors in the Ideas Competition will be asked to describe an educational challenge specific to their community and/or the US at large and explain how their competition idea could help drive positive and impactful solutions to that key challenge.

10 winning ideas will receive $5,000. Winners will also have the opportunity to showcase their ideas to Alliance sponsors, partners, and members of the Brain Trust. One of the winning ideas may even become the next XPRIZE Competition.

The Ideas Competition deadline to register is July 9, 2022. Winners will be announced in August of 2022. 


Submit your idea today at

To register and share your idea you must be 18 years or older and a legal resident of the United States. 

If you have any additional questions, please connect with the team by emailing [email protected].

Now is the time to ignite unprecedented innovation for equity & justice around the world. The Racial Equity Alliance is a coalition accelerating solutions for racial, social, and economic justice in the United States. We hope you join us on this mission. For more ways to get involved in the Racial Equity Alliance, visit us at