Mar 09 2023

The Pacific Fisheries Technologists (PFT) Conference fosters the exchange of technical and scientific information among fisheries technologists and those interested in this tech, including many big players in the conventional fish industry (e.g., Chicken of the Sea, Trident Seafoods, Thai Union). The conference is held once a year and features scientific paper presentations and technical discussions. These events encourage collaborations between research institutes, universities, and governmental agencies involved in fisheries work – and now, XPRIZE.

We were thrilled to participate in the PFT Conference and share our unique approach to innovation through competition. Typically, XPFTNB attends industry conferences that are hyper-focused on alternative protein technology. PFT was an excellent opportunity to step outside our comfort zone, expand our reach, and build credibility in the wider food industry, ultimately benefiting the Food, Water & Waste Domain more broadly.

XPRIZE was represented by Jordan Giali (Partnerships Manager), who presented on the XPRIZE philosophy of innovation through competition. Afterward, Jordan participated in a discussion panel focused on the current state of alternative seafood technology. The panel also included Brian Jacobson (XPFTNB Judge and Assistant Director of Pilot Plant Operations at the University of Illinois), Justin Kolbeck of Wildtype (cell-based seafood company and former XPFTNB Semifinalist), Chris Bryson of New School Foods (plant-based seafood company and former XPFTNB Semifinalist), and Dr. Reza Ovissipour (Assistant Professor of Food Science at Virginia Tech).  

The audience's enthusiastic reception and thoughtful questions demonstrated their genuine interest in the XPRIZE mission and model, and in XPFTNB specifically. Participating at PFC also allowed us to showcase the talent and expertise of our Judges and Teams, highlighting our commitment to fostering thought leadership by promoting our friends in the ecosystem. We look forward to continuing to engage with the PFT community in the future!