John Raymonds

John Raymonds

John Raymonds is currently the Manager, CIO of Raymonds Capital, LLC. His original background is in the rigid plastic packaging industry leading the successful growth of two private businesses - one domestic to the US and one in Europe. Combined with strong organic growth, acquisitions played a key factor domestically by growing the business while always focusing on integration and synergistic results. The first two acquisitions were performed while being a sole owner and three more used the resources of a Private Equity partner. In the end, the top line sales grew to almost seven times that of the base business and profitability rose to ratios that were amongst the highest for our type of conversion processing. The current focus in Europe is taking advantage of recapitalizing key parts of our process while growing a management team to successfully lead organic expansion while tacking on key acquisition targets.

In addition to the legacy core operating business units there is always a search for specific and unique direct investment opportunities which have a story that can be told through the tough economic times we are currently in providing significant head winds to most traditional ventures. Recent work includes being the lead investor bringing back the Reading Rainbow brand at RRKidz.com as well as a founding partner at Bron Studios in Vancouver, BC.

On the philanthropic side Education has always been a focus. In 1986 John graduated from MIT with a SB - Bachelor of Science in Course 6.1 - Electrical Engineering and in 2005 the John Raymonds (1986) Scholarship fund at MIT was started. Outside of higher education John served on the Board of Trustees for an NAIS school for 8 years and in his personal life self-development is always a point of focus. Mr. Raymonds believes in living a balanced life, focusing on family and friends, and where appropriate helping them to grow their own lives. He is a member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts, a Level II certified flier with both the Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc. and the National Association of Rocketry. He is also a photographer and video enthusiast who loves to capture life as it happens - even on roller coasters or underwater while SCUBA diving!

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