Shuichi Fujimura

Shuichi Fujimura

Executive Vice President, Int’l Affairs, Alliances & Purchasing, ANA

Shuichi Fujimura joined ANA in 1980 after earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Math from the University of Tokyo.  In 2014, he entered the role of Executive Vice President, International Affairs, Alliances and Purchasing.  In this role, he is responsible for alliance strategy, including ANA’s membership of the Star Alliance, ANA’s Joint Ventures with United Airlines and Lufthansa, and ANA’s portfolio of bilateral airline agreements. In addition to leading ANA’s role in international affairs including aviation policy, he is also in charge of purchasing.

Fujimura brings a wealth of experience to this role from his long-standing tenure at ANA.  Having spent his first five years as a jet engine engineer and obtaining his Master’s Degree in Business at MIT shortly thereafter, he went on to join the Airline Association of Japan on ANA’s behalf from 1995 to 1997.

Having also served as Director of Corporate Planning and Vice President of Network Planning, Fujimura has spent time in many of the core strategic positions of ANA.  During his time as General Manager of London Office from 2009 to 2012, he was in charge of the entirety of ANA’s European business.

Just prior to taking up his current post as Executive Vice President, Fujimura also spent two years as Senior Vice President of Marketing.

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