What Great Things Have Been Achieved by Youth?

What Great Things Have Been Achieved by Youth?

You're never too young to make a difference. Even the young are able to create non-profit foundations, raise vast amounts of money for charities or make a difference in their communities in other ways. Below are some inspiring examples of youngsters who didn't let age stand in the way of doing something amazing.

Craig Kielburger

In 1995, when Kielburger was 12 years old, he co-created an organization called Free the Children. The goal of the organization is to "empower youth to achieve their fullest potential as ages of change," according to the website. Today, the organization helps more than 6,000 youth groups and other individuals across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. They also have an annual event called "We Day" to bring youth together in person and online.

In later years, Kielburger also created an organization called Me to We that is supposed to "provide people with better choices for a better world, including socially conscious and environmentally friendly clothes and accessories, as well as life-changing international volunteer trips, leadership training programs and materials, a speakers’ bureau, and books that address issues of positive social change," the website added. MORE>>

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