New Jersey and the X PRIZE Foundation Welcome Team Koseq

New Jersey and the X PRIZE Foundation Welcome Team Koseq

Just when you think it is safe to go back in the water, the hits keep on coming. While earthquakes, hurricanes, and power outages are not necessarily typical for this time of year on the East Coast but then again, this IS an X CHALLENGE. While another hurricane luckily passes us by barely leaving the customary trails of rain and wind, we find ourselves welcoming our 8th team to the tank, Team Koseq!

Koseq, a company that designs and produces oil recovery equipment is made up partially of Team leader Tom Achterberg and team member Gert Kampers. Veterans to the oil recovery industry, Koseq has been designing oil spill cleanup technology for over 30 years. ?In several large oil spills our technology has proven to be the most effective equipment for the offshore recovery of oil."

For this Competition, Koseq is using the Victory Oil Sweeper, an apparatus (shaped like a V), consisting of two steel constructed, rigid floating arms that channel surface oil into a skimmer mounted between them. The Sweeper can be pushed in front of a smaller vessel or pulled alongside a larger one. We are looking forward to seeing this innovative system in action.

Visit their team page and their website for more information.

Alex at X PRIZE

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