CDR Innovation Landscape and 2024 Outlook

Sep 18 2023

XPRIZE Carbon Removal launched with an ambitious goal: To catalyze the global supply of cost-effective, durable carbon dioxide removal (CDR). This report provides a detailed look at the many CDR pathways XPRIZE Carbon Removal competitors are developing in pursuit of the prize – encompassing Air, Oceans, Land, and Rocks. It summarizes data collected from the “Intent to Compete” questionnaire due September 7, 2023, where Teams were asked to affirm their participation in Phase 2 of the competition and share updates about the status of their projects. The CDR Innovation Landscape & 2024 Outlook report gives an overview of the data shared by these Teams as a glimpse into the state of the CDR industry. 

Dig into the report to learn more about the state of CDR and what’s on the horizon for 2024.