What Alternative Fish Can Bring To The Table

May 09 2021

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Our oceans, and specifically fish, have been on our cultural menu recently with the success of the much talked about documentary, Seaspiracy and the academy award success of the film My Octopus Teacher.

On this week's episode Journalist Amelia Abraham takes a deep dive into the deep blue with XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion Judge and all round fish guy, Dr Keith Cox.  

They explore the depths of ocean health and how cultivated and plant-based fish can really help with healing this fragile ecosystem.

Dr. Cox is a co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Seafood Analytics, a company that manufactures electronic devices that measure, store and auto-analyze metrics that help monitor different aspects of growth or degradation of protein foodstuffs. Currently, the data pathway provides real-time analysis of different parameters including health, degradation, body composition and other specific metrics such as whether the product has been previously frozen.  Personally, Dr. Cox has over 20 years of experience working with organisms including plants and animals that vary in size from whales to bacteria.  He has also held positions at the University of Alaska the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.

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