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Grand Challenge

The Internet has evolved from an online community of computer science researchers to a network that now connects over three billion people. It is the foundational technology of the Information Age. The rise of the Internet has triggered significant economic, social, cultural, political, and behavioral changes around the world, and its role in society continues to evolve. From the research labs of the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) to smartphones in the hands of millions—and now billions--of users, the Internet is now embedded in everyday life in ways previously unimagined. Average Internet users are extremely vulnerable as they lack awareness and a sense of cyber hygiene (the steps users should take to be safe online), and are frequently the target of cyber attacks. Users also have very limited options to respond to a threat or an attack. They are primarily dependent on the enterprises managing critical infrastructure and Internet services to solve their issues, and they have limited support from governments, regulators, and the general online community. Therefore, a cybersecurity prize focused on the standards, tools, and education necessary to realize large-scale cyber hygiene has the potential to create a huge impact.

Draft Guidelines

The Cybersecurity XPRIZE is focused on developing consumer cybersecurity standards, creating engaging and user-friendly cybersecurity solutions for consumers, and educating the public around cybersecurity and cyber hygiene. The competition seeks to incentivize teams to create standards and technologies to secure the average connected consumer and ensure safer internet usage for all through the development of: (1) a cybersecurity standard for classifying and validating the security of users’ connected environments; and (2) an engaging, effective, and easy-to-use cybersecurity solution for consumers that secures user environments to defined standards, reduces large-scale societal vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure, and helps create a more resilient society by ensuring greater cybersecurity for all.

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