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Grand Challenge

If we are to take actionable steps to intervene in and positively affect happiness, we must first be able to detect, measure, and quantify our emotional and mental states.

More than just positive feelings, happiness is the overall valuation that people make about their lives, bodies, minds and circumstances. Happy people enjoy longer, healthier, more productive, and ultimately more fulfilling lives. The ability to objectively measure happiness would illuminate how actions affect emotions. It would help inform individuals of these drivers so that they can make better choices about allocating time and resources to maximize their happiness. It could enable policy and decision makers in governments, companies, schools, or health facilities to measure effects of interventions for increasing happiness of their stakeholders.

The Happiness XPRIZE will inspire psychologists, engineers, computer programmers, and other stakeholders to join forces to advance innovations in technologies for measuring happiness and other emotions. It will spur the development of a new gold standard in measuring happiness, capable of providing insights that enable individuals to take actionable steps to increase their own happiness.

XPRIZE envisions a future in which individuals and organizations can track how actions drive both positive and negative experiences, enabling them to make informed decisions to guide emotional experiences.

Click here [ PDF ] for XPRIZE’s assessment of the landscape for happiness.

Draft Guidelines

The winning team will develop a technology that can measure, track, and report individuals’ happiness. During Phase I of the competition, the winning technology will most accurately predict happiness in a test population of 100 randomly selected individuals. It will be scalable, portable, user-friendly, engaging, empowering, and addictive. During Phase II of the competition, top U.S. companies will compete against one another to develop and implement workplace policies that increase employee happiness by the greatest amount. Companies will use the top technologies from Phase I of the competition to measure the effects that their policies have on employees’ happiness.

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