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Grand Challenge

The American workforce is experiencing a significant skills gap, particularly around “power skills” – those skills necessary for success in the workplace - such as communication, teamwork, collaboration, adaptability, conflict resolution, problem solving, and critical thinking. A 2014 CareerBuilder survey found that 77 percent of employers believe these skills are just as important as “hard” (or technical) skills, and 16 percent of employers believe they are more important to an employee’s success in the workplace. Similarly, a 2013 survey of top executives found that 44 percent of those executives defined the current skills gap among American workers as a lack of these skills. Experts argue that this skills gap will only grow in the coming years, and that to stay competitive in the global economy and provide engaging, skilled employment, both the private and public sectors must tackle this problem. Lack of “power skills” and workplace readiness among American workers is a Grand Challenge that must be addressed.

Draft Guidelines

A Power Skills XPRIZE will incentivize teams to identify those Power Skills most important to workplace success, and create a scalable intervention that directly impart those skills and results in workplace success. The winning solution will be accessible, scalable, engaging, and effective at improving workplace outcomes in a limited period of time.

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