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Bangalore, India

About Us

Chimple, a team dedicated to making literacy and education as simple and fun as possible and consisting of game designers and software engineers who believe education requires a reboot right now.

All around us we see examples of children who are deprived of basic literacy skills. Even though many are working to remediate the problems, the scale of the problem is so huge that we believe that a radically new way is needed. Since we are a group of people who are experts in Game development, Data Science and Animation - we decided to come up with a fun and engaging way to help children get literate. Since there are more than 4500 languages and We deeply believe in the power of the crowd and so we are building various platforms for teachers, artists, story tellers, scientists to contribute and collaborate on learning solutions to develop a crowd-sourced literacy solution.


Our guiding principles

  • Learning should be chimple
  • Technology, when used properly, is a great tool for learning
  • Children are curious by nature. They should be given the tools to explore and learn on their own
  • Children love playing with each other. Learning should mimic this behaviour to be effective
  • Children seek challenges. They should be provided newer and higher challenges continously
  • Once children learn to read, they will read to learn. After this transition, they should be encouraged to follow their path of learning by providing a world of knowledge at their disposal